Here's what's new with our wedding/lives/website:

6/1/99 - Lisa and Jason's Wedding

  • Now Lisa's married too! I've added some pictures of the wedding and a collage of pictures that I made for Lisa and Jason.
  • 2/3/99 - A note from Annette

  • Well it has been over two months since we got married. Time flies when you are having fun. We still have a lot of wedding things to do. We are still working on the thank you notes. Hopefully most of you have received one, but we still have a few to go. And we still have to pick out the pictures we want to use in the wedding album. Maybe we will have everything done before our one year anniversary!

    Sander and I started looking for a house. We hope to move in May or June. Sander's company is moving out to Plano (where I work) so it looks like we may end up living in Plano. Suburbia here we come.

  • 1/6/99

  • The wedding's over and now I'm working on writing thankyou notes and uploading pictures. I have 211 more pictures from the photographer to upload!! Annette got me a thing for the computer that lets me capture images from videotape to the computer, so I'll also be uploading some pictures from the wedding and honeymoon video. (I've done four so far...)

    Annette just celebrated her birthday on the 3rd. Her parents and sister came up to Dallas and we all went to brunch. Less than two weeks 'til it's my turn...

  • 10/20/98

  • Added a page for Rabbi Ted Sanders who will be performing the wedding ceremony. We met with him on Sunday to go over the ceremony.
  • 9/23/98
  • Made links for some professional engagement pictures we had taken. You can order these from the photographer if you really like them. Most of them came out pretty well.
  • 9/19/98
  • A few words from Annette:
    Well, here we are less than two months before the wedding. Sander and I are both working hard to finalize the small things. My sister has picked out her dress. (I haven't seen it yet, but I hear it is beautiful.) Sander and Joel have picked out the tuxedos and both the mother-of-the-bride and the mother-of-the groom are outfitted. Invitations have gone out and pretty soon we will be deciding on the dinner menu and the cake. (In other words, now would be the time to send in your suggestions.)

    Sander and I have completed two dance lessons. Pretty soon you will be referring to us as "Fred and Ginger." (I suppose I shouldn't be getting your hopes up, but we are improving.)

    All in all, everything seems to be on track with the wedding.

  • 9/10/98
  • Our six-year anniversary is tommorrow (9/11/98). We're trying to figure out what to get eachother. Perhaps we'll exchange some fine stemware?
  • The wedding invitations are addressed and should be mailed out soon.
  • We took a dance lesson last week. We're not very good yet, but we're trying. We have another lesson tomorrow.
  • 6/30/98
  • We'll be in Maryland from July 3rd until July 6th. Big party on the 5th at M&D's.
  • Annette's been at her job at EDS for the last two weeks.
  • We added more stuff to the registry at Macy's over the weekend. We put down knives and towels and some odd kitchen gadgets. We would have put some of that stuff at Foley's (Hecht's), but the lady there wasn't very nice.
  • We booked the harp/flute/cello trio.
  • 5/18/98
  • Annette graduates on Friday! She's pretty excited.
  • I bought a scanner over the weekend. I've been scanning like mad. Check out the results.
  • Finally got a band. David Caceres will be playing the reception. He's a four piece (piano, drums, bass, sax/vocals) jazz band. I'm still working on the ensemble for the ceremony. Probably a harp/flute/cello trio.
  • We put a deposit down on a place to live today. We'll be at the Park at Buckingham in Richardson.
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